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This Site was created basically to show off my cars and tell people a little bit about them. I'm looking forward to showing everyone what I did and how I came to love her. Now that shes sold to a good home I will be looking for my new mustang and look forward to updating my page to accomodate it. I plan on keeping Sadie here though because she was my first and shes got a special place in my heart as well as my site. I'm also using this site to tell and show you about some of the other people and things I love. I've made a page including some good friends and special people of mine and their cars/trucks. As you go through I hope you learn something about my cars and the guy behind them as well as my friends. Enjoy!.

  • (03/16/03) COMING SOON: Photo page for my 69 mustang, So stay tuned...
  • (02/24/2003) As of October 2002 I am the proud owner of a 1969 Mustang Sportsroof. So Look for An all new page of pics and many more updates.
  • (06/21/2002) Been awhile since my last update. I got the check for Sadie so shes officially sold. Im hoping for a few more pics before she gets picked up in a couple weeks so look for those and for a new story and pics when I get my dream 69 Mach 1.
  • (10/16/2001): Check out the updated pages, I moved to WA but I couldnt take Sadie . So it will be awhile for updated pics. Ill try to keep the rest of the site updated frequently.
  • (8/22/2001): Gasket all fixed, finally got to the Sadie Story page. Click to have a look.
  • (8/08/2001):Just finished a Second picture page. So Take a look.
  • (7/28/2001):Been adding pages, I'm up to 3. Check out the new Friend's Rides Page :o)
  • (7/13/2001): I just added a guestbook. So please remember to sign my guestbook before you leave. Thanks
  • (7/12/2001): I'll be keeping you up to date on anything new with the car here. Current update: I just made the site haha :o)